Inside Body Mechanix

  The Body Mechanix facility was inspired by Robert Christian West's desire to offer his clients a creatively designed space that is functionally ideal, user friendly, unintimidating and yet filled with a sense of energy. An environmentally holistic and healthy space, completely private, offering a haven from the daily grind where clients can focus on transforming their bodies in a safe place that is all about them.

  Body Mechanix was custom designed so that you will love the time you spend there. The facility offers a comprehensive selection of the best equipment known to the industry. Excellent ambient lighting and innovatively positioned mirrors allow for better body awareness, visual acuity and exercise form from any and all angles.


Audio Request

  A recent study determined that music can enhance endurance by 15 percent and helps exercisers feel more positive even when working out at a very high intensity.*

  The 1000 square foot facility features a sophisticated audio/video system which includes a 50-inch plasma television and an advanced Audio ReQuest hard drive which allows each client to choose the exact genre, artist or songs they would like to listen to for each individual session. Each client can even bring their own music which can easily be added to the music library.


Perfectly Balanced
Water and Air

  Body Mechanix gives you the purest training environment possible.

  De-ionized water is the purest drinking water available. Typically used in test labs where water quality is critical, deionization is superior to all other forms of filtration including reverse osmosis and distillation. Body Mechanix serves at no charge this highly purified water characterized by its perfect alkaline PH level (above 7). Alkaline-based foods and beverages have been scientifically proven to ward off illness and disease.

  The EPA indicates that we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors and names indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater with exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors. At Body Mechanix excellent air quality is considered an essential element in maximizing your training experience. Within the facility, a high powered, electronic air filtration system captures over 98 percent of airborne contaminants down to one micron in size, offering the best indoor air quality possible.

*Source: Science Daily, October 2, 2008