The Human

The Science and Art
of the Human Body

  The human body is the greatest machine on earth. Nerve signals travel through muscles at speeds as fast as 200 miles per hour. The brain puts out enough electric power to light a 20-watt light bulb. According to scientists, bone is among the strongest building materials known to mankind; it can withstand more compression stress than steel-reinforced concrete can tolerate.

  With the help of proper exercise, the correct nutrients and a balanced diet, we can maintain this amazing physiological masterpiece, overcoming disease, slowing down the aging process, and greatly improving our chances for a healthier, pain-free and possibly longer life. To achieve this one must never lose sight of the collaborative balance of elements that shape perfect health. This requires dedication and patience along with a solid understanding of the body and fundamental training principles, exercise prescription, nutrition and planning. You might say that becoming healthy and fit is both a science and an art. The science is in the understanding and application while the art is in the beauty of the final result, a strong, lean, shapely and energetic body.