Teaching You the Basics
of Sound Nutrition

  Your body's nutritional needs are as unique to you as your appearance. The first essential step toward wellness, therefore, is to be sure you are getting the correct amounts of the proper nutrients. By understanding the principles of holistic nutrition and knowing what nutrients you need, you can improve the state of your health, ward off disease, and maintain a harmonious balance in the way nature intended.

Food intake is also a key component in a collective formula that is crucial in helping you achieve your fitness goals and therefore must be part of any effective training program. With the ability to affect energy levels, body composition, and overall athletic performance, it is important that clients receive proper scientific guidance so they experience safe and lasting results.

  As part of your training, Rob will teach you the basics of sound nutrition and work with you to develop a new healthier way of eating, one that you can benefit from and enjoy for the rest of your life. Rob's background in nutrition is substantial. His vast experience, past array of college nutrition-based classes, and continued commitment to stay on top of current diet based research have given him a wealth of education in the field of nutritional science. Rob has also been a strict, practicing vegetarian for close to two decades which has allowed him to personally apply and benefit from his large knowledge base, fueling his passion for health and nutrition.