A Scientific

Body Mechanix -

A Scientific Approach
to Training

  At Body Mechanix you will not only master the science of how to build and maintain a level of physical fitness beyond your preconceived limits but will experience the superior results which come only from applying and following sound scientifically proven systems, carefully supervised and individually designed with your specific goals in mind.

  Designing an individualized, systematic fitness program can only be properly accomplished by having an understanding of a client's goals, needs and abilities. This entails knowing what a client wants to gain from a training program, what a client needs from their program to successfully accomplish their goal(s) and how capable they are of performing the required tasks within an integrated program. This information is necessary and the first step toward creating the right program for each specific individual and comes through a proper fitness assessment. Regular assessments will allow Rob to continually monitor a client's needs, functional capabilities, and physiological effects from exercise, enabling the client to realize the full benefit of their individualized training program.

  1. General and medical health history
  2. Goal assessment
  3. Resting heart rate
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Body composition
  6. Body circumference
  7. Cardiorespiratory assessment
  8. Core stability
  9. Posture, flexibility and movement assessments

  Rob understands the complexity of the body and knows how to best stimulate the muscles and fatigue them safely. His multi-disciplinary workouts improve strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and coordination and give you the right amount and type of work for your goal and ability. However, your body is naturally driven to adapt to any workload. Even though Rob individualizes the components necessary to begin your journey toward your goal, it does not end there. There are many factors that may affect when and how significantly the components will need to be altered on the path to success. He will help you avoid these plateaus through the effective manipulation of a multitude of training phases and approaches including:

  1. Strength and Resistance training
  2. Cardiovascular training recommendations
  3. Functional and Core conditioning
  4. Corrective stretching
  5. Yoga
  6. Plyometrics
  7. Balance work